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Plos One 11/2014 IF 3.730 Down I, Ellard J, Triffitt K, Brown G, Prestage G. : Volume 42, Issue 7 (2013), Page 1347-1356 CRAWFORD, G, BOWSER, N, BROWN, G., MAYCOCK, B (2013) Exploring the potential of expatriate social networks to reduce HIV and STI transmission: a protocol for a qualitative study, ;3 :e002581 doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2013-002581 ZABLOTSKA, I., DE WIT, J., BROWN, G., MAYCOCK, B., FAIRLEY, C., MCKECHNIE, M., PRESTAGE, G.

(2014) Transmission and Prevention of HIV among Heterosexual Populations in Australia, AIDS Education and Prevention Volume 26, Number 3, May - June 2014 IF 1.505 Brown, G., Ellard, J., Mooney-Somers, J., Prestage, G., Crawford, G., and Langdon, T.(2014) “Living a life less ordinary”: exploring the experiences of Australian men who have acquired HIV overseas, Sexual Health 10/2014; IF 1.576 Zablotska, I., Frankland, A., Holt, M, De Wit, J, Brown, G, Maycock, B, Fairley, C, Prestage, G (2014) Methodological challenges in collecting social and behavioural data regarding the HIV epidemic among gay and other men who have sex with men in Australia. (2013) Which gay men would increase their frequency of HIV testing with home self-testing?

It can also refer to more preparatory online communications that are designed to make children more amenable to sexual advances.

[1] Recent proposals and initiatives: In recent weeks attention has focused on the deletion in the United States of the profiles of 29,000 convicted sex offenders from the social networking site My Space.

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Typically, this relates to the use of the Internet with the intention to ‘procure’ a child to engage in sexual activity, either online or by means of a physical encounter offline.National Association of People Living with HIV Australia, Sydney ISBN 9780992468101 page 94-96 Refereed journal articles since 2010 Prestage, G., Brown, G., Allan, B., Ellard, J., & Down, I. Impact of Peer Support on Behavior Change Among Newly Diagnosed Australian Gay Men. Australia: Western Australian Centre for Health Promotion Research and Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society; 2014.JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes. ARCSHS Monograph Number 100, ISBN: 978-0-9924830-1-2 Anna Wilkinson, Carol El-Hayek, Yik Siang Cheah, Jeffrey Grierson, Graham Brown, James Mc Mahon, Alison Duncan, Mark Stoové (2014) Financial barriers to HIV treatment in Victoria: A brief report, Burnet Institute, Melbourne.Callander, D., Prestage, G., Ellard, J., Triffitt, K., Brown, G., & Down, I. The Road Less Travelled: Exploring Gay and Bisexual Men’s Explanations of ‘Uncommon’ Routes of HIV Transmission. Gianacas C, Prestage G, Brown G, Triffitt K, Ellard J, Down I. Prestage G, Zablotska I, Bavinton B, Grulich A, Keen P, Murphy D, Brown G, Bradley J, Holt M, Guy R.(2015) Previous and future use of HIV self-testing: a survey of Australian gay and bisexual men. 2015 Oct 27 *Prestage, G., Brown, G., De Wit, J., Bavinton, B., Fairley, C., Maycock, B., . (2014) Factors associated with recent previous HIV testing among a sample of recently HIV-diagnosed gay men in Australia: a cross-sectional study. (2013) Protocol for a respondent-driven sampling study exploring the roles of peer norms in HIV-related practices of gay men, , 2013, 3, 320-326 - Published Online December 2013 BROWN, G., SORENSON, A., HILDEBRAND, J (2012) How they got it and how they wanted it: marginalised young people’s perspective on their experiences of sexual health education, Vol 9 No 5, 453-458 Prestage, G., Down, I., Bradley, J., Mccann, P., Brown, G., Jin, F., Hurley, M (2012) Is Optimism Enough?