Dads against daughters dating bumper sticker

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It's a real thing too, I saw these shirts for myself with my own left-leaning eyes. Because the idea of my daughter's virginity is too precious isn't the same as I want my daughter to be safe. A little bit of sex positivity goes a long way to making our daughters feel comfortable about talking to us about any relationships they do pursue. I'm also willing to give other parents the benefit of the doubt that they're also doing their best to raise young men and women who will be able to enter safe, consensual relationships even at a young age. That line reads to me as "I knew I wanted to have sex all the time and a young girl can't expect that if we're dating, I shouldn't be allowed to act out those urges." That, dear D. I also know there's a high probability it was his partner or someone close to him who bought this shirt in some back alley joke t-shirt box who bought him said shirt. For Decals we are using only quality exterior vinyl films provided by Oracal and FDC. In Loving Memory Decals are a great way to remember someone special.Sowohl für die Registrierung als auch zum Einloggen können Google- und Facebook-Konten verwendet werden.Mit der Escape-Taste kann das Fenster geschlossen werden.