Dating mappin and webb silver plate marks

In 1846 the business was amalgamated with that of William Samson & Sons changing to Mappin Brothers. Its partners were the founder's four sons, Frederick Thorpe Mappin, Edward Mappin, Joseph Charles Mappin and John Newton Mappin. It required even less silver, which meant silverplate tea sets and the like could be marketed to the country’s emerging middle class.

dating mappin and webb silver plate marks-55

The marks of the makers of the modern Electro Plate and what is commonly called " Old Sheffield Plate " are both entirely outside the scope of this book, the marks of the latter having already formed the subject of a separate publication. 52, and in consequence of the provisions of that Act, combined with the poor facilities for the transit of merchandise which then pre- vailed, the entries from 1773 to 1854 consist almost entirely of those of local manufacturers.

In some cases manufacturers have used the same design of mark for a long term of years and new entries have become necessary, from time to time, in consequence of the punches wearing out, or from other causes. — For "Bradbury & Co." read "Bradbury & Son." Page 59.

Under circumstances such as these the original entry only has been given. — Insert after the 4th Entry ; — DATE NAME ADDRESS MARK Nov.

The Sheffield Assay Office was established in 1773 under 13 Geo. This is clearly the reason for the frequent omission of the word "Sheffield" from the addresses, as the name of the street was then quite sufficient. 96, together with the modern desire of the retailer to sell articles bearing his own mark, has resulted in the addition of a large number of entries of persons outside Sheffield, so that the Register is now no longer purely a local one.

In the latter part of 1854 an Act came into force which enabled manufacturers to send their wares to any Assay Office they might select. The names and addresses in the Pre-Victorian entries are given exactly as they appear in the Register, but in the later entries details of partnerships have been omitted and the name of the firm only has been given.