Dating seiko watches calculator

Doing my homework shows that the 7049 was produced from 1976 - 1988 so that means it is either one of the first or last but I seriously doubt that it is nearly 40 years old and rather expect that it is a very late example.

I am not sure what this information may mean from the perspective of the serial number database/calculator but I hope it helps - or points out something that someone can tell me about my watch that clears up the confusion.

In the example images the reference model number is highlighted in red.

On the surface, it appears to be a normal time-telling model but deep inside Casio embedded circuitry to transmit audio signals.

" We hear that a lot here at Watch Sleuth so we built this page to help you figure it out. If you don't know how to find these numbers on your watch please read our instructions below. We encourage people to send us additions and corrections.

The page includes a calculator along with instructions and example images to help you find the movement caliber, case code and serial number on the back of your watch. Most Seikos have a "retail" model number that is displayed in the store but not written anywhere on the watch.

The case is all plastic and it requires two batteries, one for the timekeeping feature and one for the transmitter.

To us, the TM-100 is partially shrouded in mystery.