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Donnie Yen (born 27 July 1963), also known as Yen Chi Tan (甄子丹), is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film director, producer, action choreographer, and multiple-time world wushu tournament champion.for contributing to the popularisation of the traditional martial arts style known as Wing Chun.At a young age, under the influence of his mother, Yen developed an interest in martial arts and began experimenting with various styles, including t'ai chi and other traditional Chinese martial arts. Yen focused on practising wushu seriously at the age of fourteen after dropping out of school.His parents were concerned that he was spending too much time in Boston's Combat Zone, so they sent him to Beijing on a two-year training program with the Beijing Wushu Team. ) So he did, and he now stars in his own eponymous scripted series, stuff. At the end of the meeting I said, “I’ve got this crazy idea...” Is there a show that inspired yours? It ended up in the It’s the only mistake like that I’ve ever made in my life, and I would never do it again. I think if you’re very successful in an intellectual enterprise and you can bring a physical appeal on top of it, it’s surprising. My personal life is not as daring as what I’ve done in my business life.

, I’m the guy who fights with Joe [Scarborough], who flirts with Mika [Brzezinski], who’s a little bit more liberal, who tends to be rogue. You’ve always been known to have a well-developed physique, and working out is a big part of your show. I also went through a tough period in my life, a divorce 11 years ago, and I put on 40 pounds. I try to do an hour of cardio five days a week, and I try to work out with a trainer five days a week, doing weights, core, and stretching. Tonight I’ll go to dinner at one of my favorite Italian restaurants, I’ll have a glass of wine or a vodka, no problem. I’ll have snapper and a steak once a week, once a month a veal parm. If I slept with one-tenth of the women people give me credit for, I would be a pretty hip guy.

He played Wing Chun grandmaster Ip Man in the 2008 film Ip Man, which was a box office success.

This has led to an increase in the number of people taking up Wing Chun, leading to hundreds of new Wing Chun schools being opened up in mainland China and other parts of Asia.

Wahlberg was born in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.

He is the eighth of nine children, with older siblings, Arthur, Jim, Paul, Robert, Tracey, Michelle, and Debbie (died in 2003), and younger brother, Mark, who began his entertainment career in the former rap group Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.