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Clients these days think it's perfectly reasonable to request that their web pages look good on computers, tablets, and smart phones.Those pages don't have to look the same on every device, but they do have to render gracefully regardless of screen size.Take a class from the authors of this tutorial See available Dreamweaver Training Classes and learn from the expert instructors at American Graphics Institute.In-person classes at our locations, online courses, or private training is available.Extension installer files come in 2 formats: MXP and ZXP.

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Many of our developers use this as a quick way to report on their own websites to get a glimpse of missing alt tags or other oversights.

Use the PVII Extension Manager for Adobe Creative Cloud...

LBM-SP01 is a remarkable, time-saving tool that extends the power of Layout Builder Magic.

Configure your import from a wizard and even recreate any Dreamweaver templates that have been used by the website you are importing.

Our customers use this tool to research how a certain feature was coded, as an inspirational starting point they can edit with other Design Extender tools and to generate detailed reports on their own websites.

Dreamweaver cs5 template not updating pages