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"The scene is very white, as it is predominantly in the industry as well, and so the conference sort of came out as a response to that." This year, the collective took its conference on the road, teaming up with Toronto's independent games community and other sponsors to bring it to OCAD University.

The selection of games available for the public to play at OCAD's Mc Caul Street gallery heavily feature games by "emerging voices and perspectives not typically supported by the commercial industry." tasks players with knocking a zombie mannequin head to defeat enemies with Michael Jackson-like dance moves.

6 Members | 1 Photo Hi All, Sorry I cannot make it due to work commitments but please meet at the bar on level 1 of the comedy store at or so for a 7 pm start.

Headlines about video games usually highlight how big they have gotten in the last 20 years.

(Sadly, no such characters appear in this game.) Seriously, go pick this game up, it’s on Steam right now, or, if you’re not sure you’ll like it, try the demo:

It's pretty obvious that video games suffer from as much stereotyping as gamers do.

The amount of times we have heard that video games incite violence, or fuel misogyny on the internet is uncountable; it's ironic, then, the last few years have proven video games to be more exciting and inclusive than ever before.

is more than just the woman behind the man in the secret bunker.

Vice President Dick Cheney's wife is also a writer and a history nut, according to her official White House bio.