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How, I can run macro automatically when value is changed in Validation listbox, and also it should display entire records when ALL is selected from the listbox. Aaloki should say though that it sounds like you maybe reinventing the wheel.

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I would like to specify some rules in the validator's part of this transition.Don't know what version of excel you have, pre 2007 i think autofilter is under Data. Hope that helps take care Jeez, guess I'm gonna sound pathetic here, but... It seems like every girl i come across hates math or sucks at it.I guarantee this: You will find me attractive physically. I put the toilet seat down (only if there's a woman in the house though).Actually, you can’t create a list with multiple checkboxes with Data Validation. Then select Properties from the right-clicking menu.3. In the List Fill Range box, enter the source range you need to display in the list (here I enter range A2: A11), and in the List Style box, select 1 - fm List Style Option, then select 1 – fm Multi Select Multi in the Multi Select box. All the source data has been added into the list box with checkboxes. Draw the rectangle in your worksheet (here I draw the rectangle in cell C4). Here we will show you how to use the List Box to create a drop down list with multiple checkboxes in Excel. See screenshot: B: Name the cell of locating the selected items If you need to output all selected items in a specified cell, please do as follows.1. Insert a shape to output the selected items from the list box1. Then right click the rectangle and select Assign Macro from the right-clicking menu.3.