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This season, for example, Kevin Spacey's House of Cards aired only on Netflix, not on any broadcast or cable network. Of course, to watch online you need a connection through an ISP or data provider.

There are numerous reasons to ditch your TV, downsizing (who needs that big screen? Monthly high-speed plans can be purchased for as little as a month, depending on the speed and data you require.

anniversary of the attacks, and a private, catered dinner on the deck of Watch Now Join the Museum for a free four-part Online Learning Series This compelling series features four hour-long live presentations .

Some networks don't offer the most recent episode for a short time after it airs, but, typically, from three to five recent episodes of each show are available, and you can watch on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

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Imagine having access to your favorite shows and channels – on any device, in any location.

With Slingbox, you can watch live cable or satellite TV, video apps, recorded shows, and on demand shows on your phone, tablet, and computer. Literally.* *We are, literally, using this word in its proper context here.